Walk/Run Club

LJES Run Club 2018-19
Monday - Friday
Upper Field

Come run for fun with us each morning before school on the Upper Field from 8:00 to 8:15 am. Walk/Run Club is open to Grades 1-5, teachers, and parents/ guardians. Students will be expected to follow Procedures and Star Behaviors while at Run Club.


  1. Go to the shelves near the pathway by the upper field & locate your grade level shelf.
  2. Find the box with your room number on it.
  3. Locate your card and take it with you as you run/jog/walk laps around the field.
  4. At the end of each lap stop, hold your card with the barcode facing out and get it scanned by a volunteer.
  5. When the 1st bell rings stop running and file your card in the box with your room number on it.
  6. Report to your lines.

Morning Run Club

Star Behaviors at Run Club
* When locating your card make sure all cards stay in your classroom's box. Please do not dump them out!
* Stay on the track: Go around the cones and around the back of the kickball field backstop.
* Keep all body parts to yourself
* No chasing, racing or throwing cards
* 1 scan per lap
* No extra laps after the 1st bell

Online Account Access
Your Student Lap Tracker Data is online!

  1. Go to www.laptracker.net
  2. Your username is ljes followed by your Student ID
  3. Your password is your Student ID followed by your first and last initials in lower case

Example: Kelly Wiskus Student ID 123456
Username: ljes123456
Password: 123456kw

* Don't share your username or password with anyone except your parents!
* Laps can be delayed before you see them in your dashboard. Your PE Teacher needs to import the scanner data first. Data is usually imported once per week (Fridays)
* Parents: If you would like to access your mileage as well please send me an email with the email address you would like to use and I can set up a link for you.
* Each student has access to only his/her data.
* Teachers will post the weekly classroom data in their classrooms.
* PE Teachers will post the weekly School-wide data and Top 10 list data on the bulletin board in the lunch arbor.


  1. Students can earn a "toe token" for every 5 miles run (6 laps is 1 mile).
  2. Students can earn a T-shirt at the Marathon Level (26.2 miles)
  3. The top 3 boys and girls in each grade level earn medals at the end of the school year. Other students completing 5 or more miles earn a ribbon.
  4. The class with the most participation and miles each month gets to display an awesome trophy!

... AND of course the BEST AWARD of all is that you are committing to a Healthy Active Lifestyle! Healthy Students=Better Learners!

Kelly Wiskus
La Jolla Elementary Physical Education
[email protected]

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